Submission Requirement

Submission Requirement

Prospective authors are asked to submit a digest explaining the problem that will be addressed by the paper, the major results, and how this is different from the closest existing literature. Papers presented at INTELEC must be original material and not have been previously presented or published. The principal criteria in selecting digests will be the usefulness of the work to the practicing power electronic professional. Reviewers value evidence of completed experimental work. Authors should obtain any necessary company and governmental clearance prior to submission of digests. Please avoid significant commercial content in the paper.

The digest must be 5-pages long all-inclusive; formatted as single column with normal line spacing, margins and font size. The review process is double-blind, so authors should not include their names in the digests.

Please visit for all details on digest and final manuscript format and to submit your digest/paper.

If a digest is accepted, authors must submit a final manuscript before the deadline or the manuscript cannot be published in the proceedings or presented at the conference. For each paper at least one of the authors listed on a paper must be registered.

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Submission Requirement Submission Requirement