Popular Pubs in Bangalore

13th Floor - Lounge Bar

Feted, lauded, celebrated, copied but never duplicated - these words best describe the 18-year-old journey of The 13th Floor. Although the more popular way most of our patrons describe The 13th Floor rooftop location is… The view! The view!! Oh-my-God… the view!!!

Saying that The 13th Floor is a cocktail lounge is like saying that a Single Malt Scotch is a drink made from barley and water. A space that allows you to unwind with colleagues after a tough day at work, have a night out in town with the girls, chill out with that significant someone, or even conduct a business discussion over drinks.

Vast open spaces that are clad in glass and brushed steel to give guests a fully undiluted, unobstructed view of Bangalore City, with the star-spangled sky above. Music is played at conversation level volumes and is a mix of retro pop, rock ballads and lounge mixes.

The new Cocktail Menu is a heady mix of the contemporary re-working of old standards, and the tried and tested. A great wine list, and their unique way of putting together great wine and champagne cocktails, ensure that even first-time tipplers have something to raise their glasses with. A fantastic array of bar snacks, appetizers and a great selection of dinner platters mean you don’t have to crawl out to the next dive for that top-it-up meal.

Arbor Brewing Company

Ours is a story, 25 years and 2 continents in the making! In 1991, Arbor Brewing Company founder and head brewer, Matt Greff made his first batch of homebrew and he’s been brewing up a storm ever since.

In 1995, he helped pioneer the American craft beer revolution with the opening of his first brewery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over the next 20 years, he opened a second brewery in Michigan and built a highly respected brand known for quality, innovation, integrity and sustainability.

Here in India, Gaurav Sikka was doing some pioneering of his own. After discovering American craft beer while studying at the University of Michigan, he was keen to bring that quality and passion back home. So he reached out to his favourite brand and the rest—as they say—is history. We opened our Bangalore brewery in 2012 and have been satisfying thirsty crowds ever since.

We expanded operations to Goa in 2018 with the opening of our production brewery and beer garden. As we've grown our distribution footprint to Karnataka and beyond, we remain committed to the Arbor Brewing Company brand values.

Toit Brew Pub

We set out with a simple vision of creating world-class craft beer culture. With the promise of some excellent brews, fabulous food, and an inclusive brewpub experience. Starting out on 100ft Road in Bangalore, we made our way to Mumbai and Pune, setting up breweries in Sanaswadi (Maharashtra) and Nelamangala (Karnataka), and a cidery in Himachal Pradesh along the way.

We decided to start bottling our beloved Tint-In-Wit and our Nitro Stout, India’s first nitrogenated beer. We’ve been sending the bottled brews out (well, in Karnataka for now) to share that extension of the Toit experience with craft beer lovers.

And we’re dipping our toe into the cider pool too, with cans of Stray Apple Craft Cider from our cidery in Himachal Pradesh.

For over a decade, we’ve created neighbourhood spaces (and now pieces of that space in a bottle or can) where you can unwind and be yourself – whether you’re there to celebrate, lift your spirits, or just get tight!


Pecos Pub was started as a proprietorship firm by its Founder, Mr. Collin Timms back in 1989. It was one of the pioneering institutions of Bangalore that contributed to the city earning the title “Pub City" of India. Over the years the Pecos assumed an iconic status among its passionate and loyal clientele. Pecos soon attainted its present identity of being the country’s foremost Retro Rock music pub setting a trend that spawned a pub culture across other cities.

Started as a tiny fledgling enterprise, the founder and present mentor, Mr. Collin Timms spent a large part of his time at the pub in the early years. Those were tough times when business was slow and expenditure and commitments were high. The work involved long and grueling hours. In an effort to keep the spirits high we began to introduce favourite rock music collections from home; the favourite being rock music of the 60’s & 70’s, old southern blues, jazz blues and country rock. To our surprise people connected easily with this music and began returning again and again for more. The pub soon became a hangout for music lovers especially retro rock aficionados in particular.

The Permit Room

Walking down Cubbon Park, taking a thrilling ride through Tollywood, savouring the subtleties of ‘sapaad’ and all other succulent representations of south-indian cuisine, and maybe even rubbing shoulders with Rajni if you’re lucky, all in one sitting.

Welcome to everything of the southern-half of the subcontinent that you can experience on a plate, along with a drink. Or four. And no, we’re not just talking about rasam. Unless of course, it includes a dash of whiskey.

It has that unmistakable familiarity that feels like home, except Swami is all grown up now, and can fix a mean drink too! The Permit Room is an attempt at representing (some of) south-india’s quirky, eclectic culture which has become a pop-culture phenomenon in itself, along with its extremely diverse, centuries-old culinary heritage. All of this, in the familiar setting of a pub, in a very familiar part of namma Bengaluru. Because, who said you can’t enjoy your favourite idli-sambhar with a pint of beer? Or that you couldn’t couple your Chettinad Chicken with a classy cocktail? Not us! So just come on down and apdi podu and all things like that. Ok? Ok! Set, boss.

Windmills Craftworks

Sip on our fine craft beer and savor our carefully curated dishes. Experience what it's like to listen to boundary-pushing artistes in our world-class jazz theatre or take a quiet moment to explore a treasure trove of handpicked books on art, design, architecture and music.


Kebabs & Kurries

Kebabs & Kurries is a symphony of fine dining. Under the baton of the most celebrated chefs, great curries are served along with the most exquisite kebabs in the land.


A pure vegetarian, poolside restaurant in the heart of the city featuring Indian and Continental cuisines and small plates. Ideal for parties and candlelight dinners under the stars. Suitable for functions, conferences and get-togethers.

Spice Terrace

Inspired by the centuries-old recipes from the land of spices, Spice Terrace offers authentic flavours from North India. It also presents an extensive beverage collection which complements your food.



The best view of Bengaluru from the comfort of our rooftop lounge with fine dining and the swirl of a cocktails. Drinks Responsibility, Age Limit 21 years & Above

Rcb Bar & Cafe

Rcb Bar & Cafe in shanthala nagar, Bangalore is a top player in the category North Indian Restaurants in the Bangalore. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Bangalore.

Bob's Bar

'Bob' is a buddy or mate, a term equivalent of 'da' or 'machan' or 'yaar'. It is yesteryear's 'dude'. And so much more! In short, your a Bob! And this is your bar - a little tribute to what Bangalore once was. And, we hope, might one day be again.


Although there are more options than you can imagine in the local cuisine, Bengaluru is also known for its culinary savvy residents who have ensured there are plenty of global cuisine options one could choose from. The city is thriving with many restaurants that serve international and continental cuisines. From Mexican to Cantonese, from French to molecular gastronomy, you will always find enough restaurants and varieties available for you. Some of the popular restaurants that specialize in global cuisine are Shiros for Asian, Churrscaria Brazil for Brazilian, Café Noir for French, JW Kitchen for continental, Caperberry for molecular gastronomy and the Michelin Star restaurant Yautcha for Cantonese. The city is also popular for many micro-breweries with signature crafts that aren’t found elsewhere.


Karnataka’s cuisine is said to be one the most unique cuisines in the country. It combines a range of flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques, some dating back to the Iron Age. The local cuisine is heavily influenced by neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka’s very own rich gastronomical history. Some must haves while in Bengaluru are –


This famous Mangalorean dish is made of succulent chicken pieces, fresh coconut and spices. It is usually served on a bed of rice or Neer Dosa, a thin pancake made of rice flour.


Bisi Bele Bath is a traditional recipe cooked only in Karnataka. The dish has a distinct coconut flavour and is available at any restaurant in Bangalore. The recipe is a complicated one that involves many vegetables and flavours but the dish is a must try.


A crisp dosa with red chutney and mashed potato filling served with tasty sambar and white chutney. It is one of the most popular dishes, not just in Karnataka, but across India.


Maddur vada gets its name from the Maddur town that is 80 kilometers away from Bangalore. The vada has a crispy, hard crust and a delicious soft core. The onion piece in the vada makes it a tasty snack. It is usually served with coconut and tomato chutney.


A popular pork curry from Coorg. Pork is marinated in locally grown spices which lend a dark colour and spicy flavour to the dish. The dish gets its distinct sour flavour from a locally grown fruit extract called Kacumpalli. It is usually served with rice or Akki roti (rice roti).


Mysore Pak is a simple sweet dish made from only three ingredients - Gram Flour, Ghee and Sugar. The texture of the sweet is rich due to gram flour and ghee. The sweet dish is very popular, and is specially enjoyed during festivals and other celebrations.